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Vibe to Thylacine's "Train" on your next commute [Premiere]

Inspired by travel during a trip, Parisian house producer Thylacine began composing his debut album over the duration of his trip. Transsiberian is set for release in May under his own label, and will feature 10 original songs that he wrote while on his voyage last summer. Today he debuts "Train," from the album, a full 6 minutes of blissful melodies and instrumentation. With ease he is able to create a monotonous but joyous music bed that perfectly captures the feeling of transportation. You can put yourself in his shoes, gazing out the window, inspired by life and the places you can go, and the vast expanses and mystery of the world. It's beautifully crafted and will instill a sense of wanderlust in the listener. 

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Dance · House · Premiere


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