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Lee Burridge returns to the studio for new EP with Lost Desert [Premiere]

Lee Burridge's recognizable melodic and melancholic sounds are always refreshing to hear. Hitting the right spots for many out there, his sets often take you on journeys that transcends all things. Whether you are in a dark room somewhere in the UK, or out on the hot sands of the Nevada desert, his track selection is unmistakably dreamy.
Now with his second release on Get Weird, a label out of Berlin, Burridge continues to show a deeper side to his productions. A collaboration with the aptly named All Day I Dream artist Lost Desert, the EP had the A side premiered last week while today on EARMILK we are treated with the B side. 
As soon as "No Wicked For The Rest" plays, you are instantly ready to groove. With its relaxing atmosphere and smooth nature, this track is fitting during a sunset in the middle of the desert. The release is out now on vinyl, followed by a digital release April 12th. 


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