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VISUALS debuts "The State of Things" EP [Premiere]

Andrew Fox is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist who has been constructing a distinct brand of electro-pop under the name VISUALS since the release of his debut self titled EP on Nicolas Jaar's OTHER PEOPLE imprint back in 2013. His experimental but mellowed out sound is in part due to frequent collaborator Dave Harrington, who handles a bulk of co-production on his projects and provides Fox with the ideal textural sound-bed to display his moody songwriting. 

The Brooklyn native's latest opus is a 4-track EP entitled The State of Things that is set to be released on Berlin based label thesongsays on March 25th. This project is a diverse offering that begins with the self titled single "The State of Things", a pensive intro that sets the mood for the rest of the project with Fox's reflective verse over the bare-bones backdrop. The next track "Days of Our Youth" is a bit more upbeat indie-pop affair that might be his most straightforward dance track yet, even displaying some potential for the mainstream. The third track "No Handle" is a personal favorite due to it's lethargic, atmospheric instrumental which I suspect was somewhat influenced by associate and collaborator Nic Jaar. The final 'bonus' track off of the EP is a synth heavy ballad entitled "Everything Flash", which acts as a perfect closer to the project thanks to the interplay of the dense melodies with Fox's haunting vocal arrangements. 

"The EP is culled from a two year period, where I lived mostly in Berlin, Germany.  Coming from the New York indie world, I had something to learn from the European electronic music scene and also from exiting the stacked, accelerated beast of the Big Apple.  Berlin's got ghosts: the war, the wall, Bowie & Lou Reed; its a flat and wide city where a person can hear themselves, hear the clubs from a mile away, feel the drugs working or not.  Its no wonder so many artists go to the German capital to create & why its so easy to get lost, Victoria style.  My time writing and exploring there gave shape to many years of searching for the state of things."

-Andrew Fox

Stream the EP below and purchase the project here!




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