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Sima Kim shares trippy video for "If You Feel Like Me" [Premiere]

Sima Kim is a young producer based in Den Haag, South Korea.  His fragmented, futuristic beats have turned some heads internationally over the last few years, specifically his track with Ryuei Kotoge, "Rêveur."  More recently, Kim dropped the future bass style cut "If You Feel Like Me," twisting and stretching a sample of Brandy and Monica's "The Boy is Mine" like a funhouse mirror.    After building momentum for less than a minute, the track disintegrates into a glitchy, beatless limbo before jolting back to life. Kim also unpacks a whole suitcase of his own sounds, throwing in mechanical buzzing, shattering glass, and squeaky bedsprings at whim.

Sima Kim's music is often interpreted visually by graphic artist Meltmirror.  Their latest collaboration is the video for "If You Feel Like Me." Meltmirror's dizzying array of dripping neon objects and contorting human bodies provides the perfect illustration for Sima Kim's blend of maximalism and minimalism.  Check out the video below.



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