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Castor Troy breaks the mould in "Always Have"

It's fairly rare that a track gets passed by me and I find it completely groundbreaking off the first listen. When it comes to new releases, it takes time for music to be absorbed, understood and properly appreciated. Chancing upon an instantly likeable track can be compared to finding a match to a puzzle piece. When a track fits the criteria in terms of personal taste and innovation, it becomes more than a new release and that initial listen instantly turns you into a fan. This was the case for Hollywood based producer Castor Troy, whose complex vigorous sound will instantly appeal to any electronic music lover. The success found in Castor Troy's sound can be attributed to his exploration in genres. The producer who's a part of Icon Collective Production School, borrows explosive percussion from drum and bass, slips of jarring "wubs" found from more bass house/dubstep influences and trap infused breakdowns.

In Castor Troy's latest release "Always Have", he unveils a boisterous sound, full of spunk and a raw emotion that subtly shines through in it's aggressive undertones. The track's introduction begins with an infectious vocal chop that shifts in pitch throughout a classical piano melody alluding to organic inspirations. Castor Troy shows immense knowledge in his production skill and depth in sound designs. The piano riff is cleverly interrupted by a off-putting crunch that draws listeners into the vocals splices which are serrated by punches of wavy synths. The electronic hybrid of sounds in "Always Have" are sure to excite the ears of many. By pulling together opposing hard-hitting and melodic sounds, Castor Troy unleashes this tension in an uncontrollable burst of energy through his music. Check out the track below.


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