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Post electronic group NIAGARA shares "Hyperocean"

Hailing from Italy, post electronic duo NIAGARA has always been known to the push the envelope with their music, constantly stretching and testing their musical abilities. Thier third album Hyperocean, which is out April 29th via Monotreme Records, is their most ambitious album to date. While the album still exhibits a bit of pop structure and sensibility, the overall mood and tone is completely different. Today, we have the privilege of sharing the title track, "Hyperocean" with you. It is a disorienting arrangement that layers, harmonizes, and builds. They are able to achieve a very unique and surreal sound through their repetition and instrumentation. It's different than their other music but is something that will captivate you regardless. Take a listen and stay tuned for more news before the release. 

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Experimental · Lo-Fi · Noise · Premiere


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