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Lucy prepares 'Eat Drink Shop Relax' EP on Samurai Horo

Notorious sonic adventurer and label head of Stroboscopic Artefacts, Lucy offers his first solo EP on Samurai Horo. The Berlin sub-label to Samurai Music Group is the left-of-center experimental branch that deviates from SMG's usual D&B tendencies. 

Lucy's Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax sees the Italian producer delve deep into a realm of layers quite difficult to dismiss. Aiming a statement toward Western society's culture of consumerism, the EP serves as a calming and compelling antidote. The EP was recorded live onto tape from Lucy's studio in Berlin.

Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax is set for release April 1 as a precedent to his third studio album, Self Mythology, slated to come out on Stroboscopic Artefacts in May. Sound clips for Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax are available below:



1. Eat 
2. Drink 
3. Shop 
4. Relax




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