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Lush & Simon team up with Gazzo for "Wasted Love" ft. Robbie Rosen

Lush and Simon continue to grow in the scene as rising producers with a flourishing body of work to take note of. The progressive house duo hailing from Italy have captured the attention and support from big names including Dash Berlin3LAU and Tritonal. The two are known for their pop-infused infectious tracks riddled in lustrous tones and uplifting qualities.

Gazzo returns to the scene with a stronger image and fresh sound after an unexpected hiatus and removal of tracks on his SoundCloud. The producer has a substantial following, and quickly grew his fan base with the hype of his progressive tracks released off big labels including Flamingo Recordings, Big Beat Recordings and Armada. The LA-based producer has just released a stunning new track, "What You Waiting For" featuring Sugarwhisky. The new track previews a new direction for Gazzo, with a dance-focused indie pop and bouncy style reminiscent of artists such as RAC or Lemaitre.

Together, the two have teamed up to deliver a hard-hitting melodic track "Wasted Love" that will be sure to tug at the heart strings. Additionally, "Wasted Love" is the inaugural release of Nameless Records, based out of Italy. Robbie Rosen's poppy yet lush vocals emphasize a slight romantic melancholy which is also present in the lead synth melodies. The addition of the piano adds a sort of emotional push, wrapping the track in a calamity of feels. Heavy bass work and mellowed drops add to the overall heaviness to the track and sets a poignant lingering within listeners.


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