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UV boi releases the enchanting "Show You" ft. MTNS

UV boi's talent was notably brought into the spotlight by Canadian producer and Secret Songs taste-maker, Ryan Hemsworth. The young Australian artist has similar humble beginnings as most bedroom producers, eventually transitioning himself from a hidden internet gem to a cult favourite, after being nominated for triple J's "Unearthed Artist of the Year". Since then, UV boi has been steady on the rise with some heavy-hitting originals and inventive remixes of tracks by artists including BANKS, Tkay Maidz, Yung Lean and more. UV boi's last release was "If She, If He" ft. Portland's, EASTGHOST, which was a unique composition of auto-tuned vocal work layered over mellow synths and hazy beats. The producer presents a captivating aesthetic, indirectly reflective of today's technologically affluent youth culture, who have a consistent taste for nostalgic relics, depicted in both UV boi's personal branding and music. UV boi's creativity speaks to his raw talents as an innovative producer, who pushes the envelop and underlines obscurities in his sound as an asset.  

In UV boi's latest, he has collaborated with indie electronic group MTNS, in a haunting tune that draws influence from from classical works to R&B and everything in between. The track is the second unveiled off his forthcoming debut EP「L-UV」, set for release on March 18th. "Show You" is introduced by something compared to a synthetic choir, portraying pseudo-emotions and ironically distilling a pure sincerity in it's poignant melodies. Brisbane-based MTNS offer their chilled vocal work and song-writing skills in "Show You", which add a mesmerizing flair to the entirety of the song. The shifting pitch intertwined with buzzing synths emphasizes its elaborate sound design, which is set to illustrate complexities in feelings for listeners. In "Show You", there is a slippery bridging of man-made sounds clashing with true human emotion, revealing a perplexing musical conundrum that sets UV boi aside as a stand out producer in the scene. Stay tuned for his upcoming EP!




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