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"Stay Lost" by Joe Hertz brings brings late-night soul to listeners

When listening to London-based producer Joe Hertz's music, it's hard not to notice his unique blend of mellow R&B-influenced beats paired with electronic sounds.

Released today, "Stay Lost" is no different and combines all the elements of the ideal nocturnal listen. Hertz's nostalgic 90s R&B sound is complemented by Amber Simone's luscious, velvety vocals, serenading your ears as you make plans for the evening. Rest assured though, "Stay Lost" will not be putting you to sleep anytime soon. It has this easygoing nature that pops out in just the right amount, combining an underlying bass guitar melody with more high-pitched sounding synths which overall make it a very catchy, very easy listen.

If you like what you hear, "Stay Lost" will be available on Juicebox FM soon. Also make sure to check out the accompanying remix and video coming out later in the month. 




Electronic · R&B


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