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M83 makes glorious return with new album 'Junk'

Anthony Gonzalez makes epic, celestial electronica as M83, but on 2011's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, he started to fuse that with pop and funk music.  He's been limited to soundtrack work for the five years between then and now, but this week he's announced a new LP, Junk.  It's a surprising title for an M83 album, and when you click play on lead single "Do It, Try It" below, the surprises will only continue.  Starting with a jaunty acoustic piano melody in a style we've never seen from Gonzalez, the track feels like it could go anywhere before it breaks out into solar flare synths and anthemic vocals, with that funky bass that popped up a few times on the last album.  Anticipation is high after this monster, Junk will be out through Mute on April 8, hosting a small list of guest artists, including Beck.  Check out "Do It, Try It," the tracklist, and some of the best album art i've seen in years, below.


01 Do It, Try It
02 Go! [ft. Mai Lan]
03 Walkway Blues [ft. Jordan Lawlor]
04 Bibi the Dog [ft. Mai Lan]
05 Moon Crystal
06 For the Kids [ft. Susanne Sundfør]
07 Solitude
08 The Wizard
09 Laser Gun [ft. Mai Lan]
10 Road Blaster
11 Tension
12 Atlantique Sud [ft. Mai Lan]
13 Time Wind [ft. Beck]
14 Ludivine
15 Sunday Night 1987



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