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The Range builds anticipation for new 'Potential' LP with "Five Four" [Video]

James Hinton has a new album as The RangePotential, out March 25 through Domino.  Like on his breakthrough album Nonfiction, the new LP sees Hinton digging up Youtube samples of obscure artists, re-contextualizing their determination and frustration by injecting it into his emotional beat music.  Lead single "Florida" used female pop vocals as its anchor in a sea of juke-like tempos, and now there's a second track to feast your ears on.  "Five Four" borrows its vocals from grime emcees Ophqi and Superior Thought, who can be seen in the track's music video.  Their vocals express a common theme in The Range's music, a dissatisfaction with one's situation and environment.  Hinton lets their bars ride at times, suddenly cutting them off or repeating lines that have a certain meaning or melody to them.  The tense piano and characteristically shifty beat patterns only add to the sense of unease, but Hinton's on top of his game once again here.  Potential is sounding like his best work yet, just a few more weeks and you can get your hands on a copy.  An accompanying short film called Superimpose will also be released, shedding more light on the artists Hinton sampled for the album. Check out the "Five Four" video below.




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