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Stream Essaie Pas' debut album for DFA, 'Demain est une Autre Nuit'

Demain est une Autre Nuit means "tomorrow is another night."  It's a fitting title for the debut of DFA's latest signing, Essaie Pas, a band with a sound that's so nocturnal it's almost vampiric.  The Montreal-based duo's cold, cinematic electro and alternating male/female vocals result in something halfway between Nicolas JaarKraftwerk and Ladytron.  A non-stop thrill ride through the back alleys of an urban underworld, Demain est une Autre Nuit explores a variety of tempos without ever losing that slightly-crazed look in its eye.  It's completely unpredictable, throwing out dissonant industrial noise or French noir romanticism, at times even simultaneously.  Check out the album in full below, but maybe wait until you have a sketchy late-night drive planned first.

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