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Ron Costa serves up a “Coluka” [Premiere]

Love the Underground Records do exactly as their name would suggest and urge you to do the same. Here to convince you with his wicked concoction of dark techno is Parisian producer Ron Costa whose title track “Coluka” will leave you sleeping with one eye open.

“Coluka” gets under way with purposeful kicks and crunchy hats sitting over the top of a deep warb-like bass line that beckons you deeper into the record. The build up is measured, with sinister sprinkles of percussion creating a dark and brooding atmosphere perfect for the after hours sets. The defining moment of the track comes from the off-beat clunky synth keys that take the reigns of the record, steering it away from minimal techno to head for warehouse anthem territories. “Back Home,” carries on in the same ominous vein as “Coluka,” picking up the tempo slightly, with weighty kicks and splashy hats racing you towards the growling bass that sounds like it’s being restrained by shackles. Taking on remix duties of “Coluka” is Mikaela and Kike Medina. Mikaela chooses to open up with the huge synth keys and let them rule the occasion while Kike Medina moulds the original into a rolling tech-house affair perfect for the peak-time crowds. 

You'll be able to get your hands on this on from 14/03/16.

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Premiere · Tech House · Techno


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