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This SIBA track "Mango" is just as delicious as the fruit

Copenhagen based artist SIBA has an eclectic approach to creating music, distorting vocals and synths, and creating this unique vibe that is as seductive and slow as it is uplifting and sunny. His sound is similar to Maru Masa but still holding it’s own unique complexity and sound that makes in irreplicable. Last week he debuted “Mango” off his forthcoming  Fruits EP out March 18 via HEET. His voice delicately fluctuates as the vocoder gives it the smoky sensuality that tingles the sense. The chorus is flirtatious combination of upbeat instrumentation with playful metaphors. Take a listen to the track below and keep and eye out for Fruits in March. If Mango is any indication to what we can expect from his original productions, we can’t hardly wait to ingest the fruits of his labors.

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Dance · Electronic · Indie Dance


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