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The Virginmarys are 3 men in a "Motherless Land"

The Virginmarys are a rock trio by way of Macclesfield, England. After their formation in 2009, the band put out multiple EP's and a full-length album titled King of Conflict. Their first album received editors choice by iTunes US and the singles" Just A Ride" and "Bang Bang Ban"g where iTunes singles of the week. The Virginmarys also got the award for Best Breakthrough act at the Classic Rock Awards.

Now the band has released their single "Motherless Land." Their latest single was inspired by the sound of some of their favorite musicians. The band put together a playlist of songs that where running through their head while working on "Motherless Land." "I wouldn't say that these songs really influenced me when I was putting down the bass lines for Motherless Land but they're all tunes that I had going on in my head at the time we recorded it. Songs that I'd heard on the radio or re-discovered when we were doing the album" says the bands bass player Matt Rose. Their upcoming album Divides is currently available for pre-order. You can also check out The VirginMarys' Spotify playlist here.

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