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Premiere: Dan Henig can't escape love in "Hostage" [Video]

The former coffee shop savant-turned-viral sensation Dan Henig has already amassed a large following thanks to his innovative and quirky acoustic covers of fan favorites, like Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz' "Get Low." After spending some time in Nashville developing his songwriting skills, he's now in Los Angeles working on his debut EP, featuring all original music. While he has achieved a lot already, Henig is ready to show the world that he is not only great at re-imagining popular songs, but also has the ability to create some of his own. This process begins with "Hostage."

Henig channels his pop-boy charm and seduces listeners into submission on "Hostage," a song about falling for someone hard. The accompanying video sensually captures the spirit of the track. Dan can be seen with his female counterpart, playing a cool game of cat and mouse, each locked onto one another as if one is the hunter and the other the prey. As the electric pop production plays in the background, the young singer serenades his potential lover in an attempt to either break her hold over him or to give in to his primal urges. 

"Hostage" allows Dan Henig to demonstrate not only his great writing skills, but his impressive vocal ability as well. Throughout the entire song, his raspy tenure gracefully nuzzles the inside of the listeners ears. He has a comforting quality to his voice, one that makes it easy to become enraptured in his music. Definitely check out the "Hostage" video below if you want to fall under his spell, and keep a look out for his upcoming EP, Paper Planes & Hurricanes, coming soon. 

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