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Nas & Mass Appeal Records bring back J Dilla for "The Introduction"

When people say that J Dilla passed away with a lot of music in the vault, they weren't kidding. Dilla is often regarded as your producer's favourite producer, but let's not forget that the guy had bars. Thanks to the legendary Nas, Mass Appeal Records will be releasing The Diary, Jay Dee's long lost vocal album. According to The Estate of James Yancey, the album, originally scheduled for a 2002 release, was painstakingly assembled over a ten year period from two-track mixdowns and multi-track masters found in J Dilla’s archives after his death in 2006.

On The Diary's opener, "The Introduction," Dilla Dawg takes a page from his good friend Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest fame and wastes no time telling us why he's nice with with mic over this booming beat. Check out the track down below and pre-order The Diary today so that you're not scrambling to cop it when it drops on April 15th.

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