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IS TROPICAL take us to the desert with "Follow The Sun" [Video Premiere]

IS TROPICAL wants to take us around the world today, or to put it more accurately, they want us to "Follow The Sun", which is the title of their latest release and the Official Video we have for your viewing pleasure exclusively on EARMILK today. 

Their forthcoming release Black Anything will be coming out on Brooklyn label Axis Mundi on March 11th. The album was recorded on five continents 2 years ago and the video for "Follow The Sun" took place on their Asian installment of the album. The video is inspired by their international travels and we think it's pretty awesome. 

The band describes how it all came about , "Follow the Sun is from the Asian installment of Black Anything, naturally we wanted to film the video in Asia. As chance would have it, we had been booked to play a show in Beirut so tried to coincide the filming with our gig as we had no budget. Although it wasn't the far East where the song was written we were pretty lucky our next gig wasn't in Norwich.

We convinced our friend and great photographer Kristin Vicari to come over and shoot the video in exchange for Falafel. Such is the luck of IS TROPICAL, Kristin's flight was delayed so she ended up being chucked on a flight to Istanbul (we still have no idea why as this wasn't the intended destination) and got stuck there for a day. When she finally turned up after the airline sorted the mistake it rained the whole time. Panicking in a hotel room with a video deadline looming, we googled 'sunniest places', obviously the sahara desert was returned by the search so we booked the earliest flights available which were £21 per person.

We took a ride out to the desert to shoot most of the footage. But due to the limited time we had, it meant we were all shooting whatever we could get using our phones.

To offset the desert footage we wanted to get some more natural shots of local life, but as anyone who's been to Morocco knows, if you film anyone you have to pay. Unfortunately we had no money, so we slyly walked around filming whatever we could. The owner of a restaurant where we were filming through the window caught us and asked for money in return for the footage. When we couldn't pay him, he demanded we brought people to his restaurant as payment, so we went around getting tourists to eat at his place to earn our 'commission'. He offered us a job, but we didn't take it. On the last evening we went off to get some alcohol so we could drink whilst doing the edit, but ended up nearly getting robbed by 2 kids on a moped who rode past and grabbed Simon's bag of alcohol. Simon didn't let go of the bag and the kid came flying off the back of the bike and they crashed smashing the whisky. Obviously Simon got another bottle of whisky."

Enjoy the journey with IS TROPICAL below. 

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