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Animal Collective shares new song + video for "Golden Gal"

Animal Collective have been steadily releasing new material from their forthcoming studio album Painting With which is out this Friday, February 19 via Domino Records.  Today the experimental rock group shares "Golden Gal" and a set of trippy visuals to accompany the song. It's a very repetitive but beautiful blend of upbeat melodies, complex layers, and intricate sounds that could only come from the beautifully weird and artistic minds of Animal Collective. It has notes of "My Girls" paired with the eclectic chant and repeat style of songs off of Danse Manatee. One YouTube commenter captured the essence of this track pretty well, "What Betty White is shrooming to right now." It's like a beautiful sun-soaked trip through a park filled with butterflies, jump rope, and melting ice cream that you can't figure out how to stop melting. Grab a pre-order of the album on iTunes and be sure to catch them at one of their tour dates, which kicks off this week. 

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