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Wine and Hayden Calnin's "Cut Love" are the best remedy for single people this V-Day

In case you didn't know, this weekend is Valentine's day. With millennials swiping right and adapting a polyamorous lifestyle in record numbers, there are plenty of broken hearts out there. So to all of you single cats *raises hand*  that just want Netflix and chill, the real kind, and just get in touch with your feelings Hayden Calnin has the perfect song for you. He knows a thing or two about making cutting emotive songs that are able to grab the listener and explore depths of their conscious as if it was them on the pouring their hearts on the mic. His hit single "For My Help" had dance fanatics in pieces when team stage performed a beautiful lyrical piece to the song on So You Think You Can Dance. Brie Larson fans and movie fanatics already were filled to the brim with feelings when this single scored the trailer for the Oscar-nominated film ROOM. So yes, Hayden is brilliant and a master of his craft and his latest release "Cut Love" shows just how talented this rising artist is. It's a chilling blend of brooding falsetto and emotive lyrical poetry that weaves together this beautiful piece of 7-minute art that relies on feeling more than gimmicky bridges and a catchy chorus. This Spring, Hayden will be releasing two full albums of material. So if you are a fan of what you hear there is plenty more of it to come. 

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