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Mr. Kristopher releases new growler "Checkmate" [Premiere]



Mr. Kristopher may be a newcomer, but he's winning the game with "Checkmate," a true growler of a tune, off of his new Chess Moves EP. We're waving (or wavy) in the crowd already listening to this, and Mr. Kristopher has even played at Gathering of the Juggalos so you know he can howl. Side note - while Juggalos and Juggalettes may be laugh-worthy the festival has gained some legitimacy in recent years with the acts, even OG rapper Busta Rhymes performed.   

But back to Mr. Kristopher.  "Checkmate," released on fellow underground artist Gosteffects' label Afterlife Records, is pure, raw energy. It's so real that that each break hits you direct in the chest. The drops, winding and electro are positively haunting. Check. Mate. 


Electro · Exclusive · Premiere


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