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Terribly Yours shares lo-fi pop track "Barbara" [Premiere]

Brooklyn-based artist Sean Bones has plenty of experience playing in bands, beating the drum, and being a part ensembles. It wasn't until recently that he got his hands on drum machines, thus Terribly Yours was born. His latest release in the new project, "Barbara" comes just in time for Valentines day. It is a lo-fi love song with notes of the droning repetition of shoegaze and the brooding grit of post-punk. When asked about the track, this is what Sean had to say, "The approach to "Barbara" was to conjure up some kinda psych-disco thing. The song imagines an ABBA demo produced by Brian Eno before it was scrapped due to band conflict. Bjorn was into Brian, but Benny couldn't deal with the droning synthesizers. "Fuck you guys there's 8 synths playing a C-note through the whole song!" Ani Fridd couldn't careless but loved the track title, "Barbara!" "  
It's a welcome diversion from Sean's previous work and one that has us eager to see what he will release next in his ever-expanding catalogue. 

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photo by Matthew Davis Walker

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