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Chrome Sparks puts his own twist to Carmada's "Realise" [Premiere]

Carmada quickly rose to the spotlight in the electronic world after being scoped out by Skrillex's own OWSLA. The Australian duo, L D R U & Yahtzel teamed up in 2014 to create Future Bass group Carmada. The two producers suitably fit the OWSLA community, straddling between varying genres to cultivate for an extremely unique sound in their music. The duo's sound remains unfixed, taking opportunity to swab inspiration in jazzy saxophone licks to hard trap breakdowns. Since the success of their debut EP off OWSLA, Realise and their most popular banger to date, "Maybe", Carmada's North American introduction only spawned for growing success in their future career.  

Today, we are excited to announce that EARMILK is delivering an exclusive premiere and sneak peak into the Realise Remix EP, released on OWSLA tomorrow, February 5. Brooklyn-based producer Chrome Sparks adds his own flair to the track "Realise" ft. Noah Slee, sharing the same name as the EP. Chrome Sparks, aka Jeremy Malvin is best known for his 420 classic, "Marijuana" and overall hazy aesthetic that transforms sound waves into a dreamscape. 

In this rework, Chrome Sparks plays with Noah Slee's vocals, dimming it in and through the heavy synths, throbbing bass and crisp percussions. The track's tactful panning sends electrifying bodies of music in and around the ears to create for a fully immersive listening experience, instantly sending chills throughout the body. Imagine throwing the original track through an intergalactic time warp, the remix combines retro, almost sci-fi inspired synth work and puzzling sampling to intrigue and stir curiosity in listeners. It may also be suggested that this track is listened to with a quality set of headphones, as the work by Chrome Sparks is truly an immersive experience. In his version of "Realise", Chrome Sparks boasts a musical paradox, exhibiting flamboyancy in his meticulous selection of sounds yet staying true to his relaxed nature.

Listen to the new remix below and watch out for the release of the full Realise Remix EP on OWSLA tomorrow.



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