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Matthew Heyer puts a new vibe to Shift K3y's "Gone Missing"

We may not know just where Bobby Fischer is, but we do know exactly where Matthew Heyer is. He’s been in the stu cutting up hits like Sia’s “Chandelier” (whose album This Is Acting dropped today, Jan. 28th via RCA) and Oh Wonder’s “Heart Hope.” While some artists may wear out the same synth pack for most of their songs, Heyer takes the tropical vibes and intertwines diverse layers and plugins to give each remix it’s own new life and body. His latest remix is of the hot UK based singer/producer Shift K3Y’s nostalgic garage tune “Gone Missing,” ft. vocals from BB Diamond, which sounds like it could bust out into The Weather Girl’s it’s raining men at any minute (and that is a damn good thing.) His remix keeps the electricity alive and well while he creates this sultry elusive vibe that paints a scenery of search and want. Take a listen to the track below and let us know what you think.

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