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Mackenzie Thoms sings out his feelings on "Do Me All Again"

We might not be familiar with Mackenzie Thoms yet, but from his latest single "Do Me All Again", he's looking to quickly change that notion. The hi-hatted production features his smooth R&B vocals. Not quite love ballad, not quite breakup song, the track is, as he describes, "is about the difficulty being in a relationship. Basically me asking the other person if being with me was worth the heartache. When I wrote this song it was with 2 of my friends when I was in a moment of vulnerability. I really wanted to be express my situation at the time. So that's what I did. I hope when people listen they realize that nobody should ever be with a person who's only giving or getting half of themselves." The down tempo ballad aims to bring in even the most casual listener. Go ahead and have a listen and decide if you're going to tune in again. 



Hip-Hop · Pop · R&B


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