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So Loki flaunt their creativity in "Lil Ma" [Premiere]

So Loki is the experimental hip hop duo that have been making some serious waves in the Vancouver underground scene, and we're really excited to team up with the boys to show you their newest track "Lil Ma." 

Ethereal and yet containing an edge of grit and dark reality, "Lil Ma" is catchy yet still thrught-provoking, addicting yet experimental, and quite frankly, a stunning piece of work for a duo that has yet to release a significant number of songs. Sam Lucia and Ntura may have struck musical gold with their pairing. While this track probably isn't music for the novice listener type, those looking for that next-caliber song will find joy in "Lil Ma." 

Their upcoming LP Supermanic, will be out sometime this year via Owake Records


Hip-Hop · Rap


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