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BIYO takes KAPTAN's single "Everything" into a new genre


Andrew de Torres aka KAPTAN is an indie pop artist based out of Nashville, TN. Doubling duties as a singer-songwriter, the artists new single "Everything," was a introduction piece to his forthcoming EP "Sprinter," which will make a mark as a conceptually thoughtful and "playfully-playfully-orchestrated indie-pop" record. Today the track receives it's first remix by electronic producer BIYO. While I'm not very familiar with BIYO, it seems as if Kaptan's team is, as they bring him on to create a new sonic template for a new electronic leaning audience. BIYO remarks, “The vocal sample saying ‘alright’ is not Andrew from Kaptan...$10 to the first person to guess who it is.”  Have a listen below and take a guess?




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