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Roddy Reynaert goes "Further" on latest releases on Armada Trice

French DJ and producer Roddy Reynaert has managed to fly under the mainstream dance music radar since launching his career nearly six years ago. But with each release, Reynaert has progressively made his way to the next level of his career, working with labels like Garuda, Perfecto, Enhanced, and now, for his latest releases, progressive and trance giant Armada Music

His first single is entitled "Further" and was released this month via Armada's rising star label Armada Trice just last week. Featuring mesmerizing intricate layering, the track is the perfect representation of the melodic potential of classic progressive and trance. Today, Reynaert has partnered with Armada Trice once again on the release of another track entitled "Shapeshifter," where he continues his journey down melodic progression on a track with a sunrise feel and tech influences sprinkled throughout. Both singles are streaming via Armada's Soundcloud and available via Beatport. 

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