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Atu delivers chill vibes with remix of Brent Faiyaz's "Allure"

It's been a while since Atu has blessed the music world with his chill beats and artistic approach to R&B. “Last Time” was the producer's last track released on Soundcloud and it seems he has been quiet since. After the release of “Last Time” featuring vocals from Canadian, Justin Nozuka, Atu has collaborated with several artists including Dpat and Sango delivering bass heavy hip hop beats over chilling vocals.

Atu has recently surprised listeners with a remix of Brent Faiyaz's “Allure”, featuring drums by Sango. LA native Brent Faiyaz has several original tracks featured on his Soundcloud, all exhibiting silky vocal work over low-key beats. Atu delivers a beauitful track with “Allure”, shaping an audial dreamscape of haziness and romance. The reverberating bass seeping over Brent's Faiya's vocals create for unique textures that linger and play with your emotions. The sultry vocal work is reminiscent of Frank Ocean or JMSN and remind us of the beauty in more somber R&B, or what is notoriously considered “PBR&B”. Check out the mesmerizing track below. 

Chillwave · Downtempo


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Robby Ondevilla
5 years ago