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Elohim combines sound and color with "Pigments"

Elohim returns with an introspective, electronic piece titled "Pigments." "I can't make you love me," Elohim croons over the moody track. Elohim hails from the west coast and she brings some of that laid back vibe to her signature sound. "Pigments" has a slightly different feel compared to her single "Bridge And The Wall," which was released a couple of months ago. "Pigments" takes it's time and transforms into synth-pop euphoria. 

Big pulsing drums are dramatically introduced, along with rhythmic synths and atmospheric pads. The hook is big and fetching, which keeps you wanting to hear the song on repeat. Elohim's latest offering shows just how diverse she can be as an artist. "Pigments" will be released on January 15 courtesy of B3SCl Records.

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