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Erykah Badu announces "THIS $h!t TOO EASY" mixtape and remixes Kanye West's "Real Friends"

What up yeezy? That's the message of the day from Ms. Erykah Badu, who has taken on the liberty of remixing another heavy-hitters single. This time taking on Kanye West's latest release "Real Friends". Flipping it in her own perfect Badu fashion, Erykah appropriately names her version "TRILL FRIENDS", she also pulls lyrics from Whodini's "Friends." 

"BADU MESSIN ROUND THIS MORNIN (really suppose be recording something else ...) presently in the BADUDIO w/ ZACH WITNESS", she remarks. Along with the single she annouces another forthcoming mixtape,"THIS $h!t TOO EASY." as a follow up to But You Caint Use My Phone. Erykah just keeps proving that she isn't going anywhere and will continue to do what she does best, that is, surprise and innovate. 



R&B · Soul · Soul-Hop


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