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Jarami remix CHINAH's "We Go Back" and cop a verse from Skizzy Mars

The three piece pop trio CHINAH, from Copenhagen, entered the music scene in 2015 in very popular fashion with their debut single "Away From Me" . Their sophisticated mix of electronic beats and R&B influences laid the foundation for an intoxicatingly seductive single which was executed with exquisite precision. As a fan favorite, the track has seen it's fair share of remixes, edits and internet love. While there's nothing quite like an original, Swedish duo Jarami have remixed the single in proper fashion, even scoring a hip-hop verse from their friend Skizzy Mars. The emerging R&B talent, have a steady list of championing support, already counting friends Schoolboy Q, Pell, Jesse Boykins III, and Marc E Bassi as their early supporters . Check out their take on CHINAH's "Away From Me" below, it's definitely a groover with super smooth vibes. 

Electronic · Hip-Hop · R&B


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