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Mick Jenkins offers fans a sip in the form of "Grenade Theory" and "$3,000 Advice"

Mick Jenkins is back in the studio and working hard on his next project, even after releasing both The Water[s] and Wave[s] in the past year and a half. Obviously, the young Chicagoan refuses to leave his fans hanging high and dry for any amount of time. This morning, he took to Soundcloud to let everyone know that he has been working with THEMpeople, the criminally underrated production team also hailing from the Second City, and theMIND, a rising singer, who has shown his potential opening for Mick during his last tour. However, the announcement was made via the artwork to two brand new vibe heavy singles, "Grenade Theory" and "$3,000 Advice."

"Grenade Theory" begins with audio from news clips discussing Chicago's gun violence and more tellingly, pleads for it to come to an end. Mick takes this opportunity to not just speak on his hometown, but to contextualize himself in it and this heart-wrenching nexus of terror and madness. Over the smooth jazz production of THEMpeople and vocals of theMIND, the young MC discusses his rising fame and the pitfalls around him. "Grenade Theory" is a gripping and cautionary record that demonstrates the cautions that come with exceptional talent. 

"$3,000 Advice" return to Water world. Although both tracks are relaxed, this record is the more subdued. Mick calmly flies through a couple of moleskin pages worth of metaphors and similes, further reinforcing his place atop of the young lyricist in the game. His wordplay bounces along the groove of THEMpeople's lively percussion. He references Outkast's classic track "Roses" throughout the song, especially Andre's hook and verse.

If you have been patiently waiting for some more Mr. Jenkins in your life, "Grenade Theory" and "$3,000 Advice" is here to make your day. Definitely check the two out, and we cannot wait to hear more from the rapper, as he prepares to unleash his forthcoming project.

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Rap


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