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Max Vangeli and Armada Music team up to launch NoFace Records

It’s no secret that the melodic, big room progressive sound in house music has been definitive and recognizable in dance music’s rise to mass appeal. In that camp remains one of its more notable artists who gained fame in EDM’s rise – Max Vangeli. Today, the Moldovan DJ and producer famed for his collaborations with AN21 has ventured out on a new solo project with another big player in the electronic music sphere – Armada Music. With a multitude of labels addressing a variety of different sounds, Armada has set out to diversify its portfolio over the past year in its offerings. Next up is the joint venture between Armada and Vangeli, a new label entitled NoFace Records. On the big announcement, Max Vangeli commented:

"It’s an honor and a privilege to be joining forces with such a legendary platform. Having my own imprint was always a dream of mine and I think the time is right. With NoFace I really want to step out of my comfort zone in order to deliver a fresh sound that will surprise and please my fans. Together, we will create something truly magical in order to withstand the test of time.”

To announce the label’s formation and preview the sound listeners can expect, they’ve released a preview video for NoFace’s first single. A collaboration between Max Vangeli and singer-songwriters Francis Marvel and Kacie Marie, “Shine” is signature progressive house in its most attractive form, reminding us of Vangeli's proven talent with a power soul vocal and some chords. 



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