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Tom Prior's 'Paint The Ceiling Blue' EP is the perfect kickoff to this week [Premiere]

It's Monday, and we're back with another week of fantastic music coming out, and on this particular day, we're kicking it all off with Tom Prior's Paint the Ceiling Blue EP. 

Following his first EP Bad Advice, the UK-based artist implements live instrumentals with modern production styles, bouncing from timeless anthems like "Children" to something a little bit more modern-day radio friendly pieces like "Voicemail" and "Take It All." Overall, it's a mish-mash of varied influences that come together to be an EP that bursts from the indie market into something much more. 

Check out the EP in its entirety below, and purchase Paint the Ceiling Blue via iTunes.Tom will also be headlining the Blue Flowers Christmas Special on the 20th of December. Purchase tickets for his show here

“Take It All”
“Thorn In My Side”



Main Stage · Pop · Premiere


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