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Miike Snow returns with "Genghis Khan"

One month ago, famed electronic trio Miike Snow returned to making music after a four year long hiatus. And even though the guys have worked on solo projects or otherwise, the release of the second single off of their third forthcoming album, iii, proves that they have not lost sight of their style. Following the funky "Heart Is Full," Miike Snow debuted the second single from iii today, entitled "Genghis Khan." An upbeat, infectious indie pop track, it's poppier than what we have seen from the group before. With a video debut directed by Lance Drake, "Genghis Khan" - along with the reset of iii - has been an international project, with the group meeting intermittently in Stockholm and Los Angeles to create and finish their music. The video is out now ahead of the single release and March 2016 release of iii



  1. My Trigger
  2. The Heart Of Me
  3. Genghis Khan
  4. Heart Is Full
  5. For U (Feat. Charli XCX)
  6. I Feel The Weight
  7. Back Of The Car
  8. Lonely Life
  9. Over And Over
  10. Longshot (7 Nights)

Connect with Miike Snow: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Electronic · Indie


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5 years ago

@MiikeSnow super fresh