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Pilotpriest redirects his soundwaves with "Skin" and "Now Be The Light"

We are living in great times. Out of nowhere, a burst of new found curiosity for space has surfaced as of late. Movies, outrageous theories, TV, and music have all long tried to capture our thoughts about the last frontier. Anthony Burns, a.k.a. Pilotpriest, is a Toronto filmmaker and music composer. His name caught the spotlight with his release of the massive album called Original Motion Picture Soundtrack which boasts 30 songs each made with a gratuitous amount of moogs and other synth effects. That album, along with all the rest of his material, is quite fitting to score anything space or sci-fi related.  

His style is reminiscent of the 80s, bringing us head first into an extremely niche genre of electronic music called synthwave. It's a slow growing style, but it's catching on as more and more artists are utilizing it to some degree. Pilotpriest's tracks tend to have a cinematic personality to them, but that's only natural since he doubles as a filmmaker. However, we hear something slightly different in one of his most recent songs, "Skin". 

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This particular tune still holds true to his cinematic style, but there is an edgier presence compared to most of his previous work. The percussion is much more prominent and is arguably the focus of this tune. But not to fret, Pilotpriest will be relieved to hear that synthy goodness in the latter half of the song. And as always, there that classic Pilotpriest low key synth droning lingering ever so heavily in the background. In addition, we dare say that "Skin" also sports a danceable vibe, thanks to the dynamic percussion.  

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3409329564 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

"Now Be The Light" was released about a month ago, but it too marks a slight change in his sound's direction. Compared to "Skin", this song has a lighter undertone and vibe to it, much like a lot of the songs off of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. "Now Be The Light" has a much more cinematic characteristic, as it stays light on the percussive effects. Instead, Pilotpriest takes us on a journey through arpeggiated synths pulsating in and out which pulls us into the song immediately.. This particular track has a crisp and clean wash which paints soft and pleasant imagery in our brains. 

Whether if it's through space travel or some mystical portal, let Pilotpriest be your captain for your next epic voyage.



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