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JR Nelson takes Andra Day's vocals and puts them on perfect musical display

I'm not going to lie, when I first pushed play on this new remix by JR Nelson, I was instantly hooked by the vocals by Andra Day. I wasn't too familiar with Andra before, but I am always thankful when an up-and-coming producer stumbles upon strongly talented up-and-coming vocalist and decides to give bring their sounds to a different music community. Kind of like how Kygo did for Seniebo Sey.  The future R&B producer gives the mellow original a new kind of soul filled energy. Perfectly complementing Andra's vocals with his uplifting and almost church-like future beats. 

Check out the soul chilling original over on Soundcloud now and remix below. 


Electronic · Future Beat · Soul


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yung adorable savage
5 years ago

eternal love for u guys ??? @HerrsTruly @JRNelsonMusic @AndraDayMusic