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After a decade of dance music, Pacha NYC will close its doors

Since the late 1960's, the Pacha Group has been a leading venue in nightlife. And while some of the club's outposts have come and gone - there are few that have been staples in both nightlife and instrumental in the success of expanding dance music's reach. Among those locations are Ibiza, Barcelona, and New York City.

The NYC location of Pacha can be single handedly responsible for nurturing the growth of dance music in the US, as well as cementing New York City as a hub for the industry and its nightlife. Headed up by Erick Morillo and other prominent investors, the venue was a bridge between the city's club heyday in the 1990's and dance music's current height in popularity. It's gone from being the one and only venue at which to experience any kind of house music to an exclusive after party venue, and continuously being a host for launching new careers. Over the years, it's become the "must-play" venue for anyone who's anyone in the industry, and a "must-go" for anyone interested in the house music scene. Pacha has gone through triumph and scandal, all while remaining relevant through the growing popularity of dance shows and growing competition. That is, until yesterday when the venue announced via Twitter it will be shutting its doors:

The most earth-shaking decade in the history of dance music took place on the Pacha dance floor. For 10 years, it was the home of the New York-style 24-plus-hour marathon; where EDM tested its chops and earned its stripes; where stars were born and fans were converted. This January, Pacha New York is closing its doors for good.
Join Erick Morillo for one last time on the Pacha NYC dance floor as we celebrate a Decade of Dance and our final Anniversary Party on Saturday, December 12.
Read more: http://www.pachanyc.com/10year/
Get Tickets: http://vor.us/97384

The venue's website notes Pacha's impressive stats:

"The average nightclub lasts 18 months – we lasted 120,” says Pacha New York’s president, Eddie Dean.“It’s been a wild ride that none of us will ever forget. Our final parties will celebrate the different artists, styles, and scenes that have made Pacha great.”

Just how major has Pacha’s run been? The numbers don’t lie:

6 million fans gracing our dance floor for over 12,000 hours. That’s more than 1,500 shows over 500 weeks. We’ve had many marriages, quite a few divorces, and at least 522 babies conceived. Fans have burned close to 10 billion calories over ten years, while our barbacks have ran nearly 10 thousand miles (burning a million calories), carrying over 2 million bottles of alcohol (enough to fill 2 Olympic sized swimming pools!).

With the closing of the venue will surely come a run of unprecedented events. With the 10-year anniversary party and an old school 72-hour marathon classics set the venue's honored veteran, Jonathan Peters, Pacha NYC says there's still more to come ahead of its closing in January 2016. 

Until then, sound off here with your favorite Pacha Memories - #pachamemories is trending.

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