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Paul C & Paulo Martini take us to the arcade for "Pinball" [Premiere]

With Paul C & Paulo Martini's exerpience spanning over 40 years between them, it's no surprise that throughout the Italian duo's illustrious career they've made appearances on labels such as Defected, Strictly Rhythm, 8Bit, Noir and Universal. Having already featured on Hot Creations 2 years ago they're back on the Jamie Jones imprint with "Pinball," which works almost as an onomatopoeic title for the energetic release.

The track gets under way with lively percussion and retro arcade-style synths that paint pictures of bright lights, dodgems and hyperactive children. As reverberating claps rattle through the breakdown, a ghetto vocal levels the track up and makes way for an infectiously bouncy bass line. The record gradually gathers momentum as the synths are layered, fizzing around the track's elements like shiny pinballs. It's a straight up party anthem, radiating those typical Ibiza sounds that make Hot Creations records so recognisable. You'll be able to purchase "Pinball" from November 27th.    

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Club · Deep House · House · Premiere


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