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Brasstracks teases forthcoming EP with "Say U Won't"

2015 has been a career-making year for Brasstracks. The Brooklyn duo have started a wave of obsession with the collaborative power of horn and bands with electronic production, starting with their reconstruction of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney’s “Four Five Seconds.” Since then, they’ve toured with Lido and brought soul to more tracks, producing originals with the likes of Grandtheft and vocalists like Mark Johns. Today, they’ve released their first official single from their forthcoming EP that’s due out for release in 2016. Entitled “Say U Won’t,” the single employs funky futuristic production with the raw energy that their signature horns so often bring. Focusing on melody through instrumentals, “Say U Won’t” looks to be a great segway to the future of Brasstracks.



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