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Zimmer unveils visuals for "Escape" Featuring Emilie Adams

Zimmer's single "Escape" featuring Emilie Adams now has some badass visuals to accompany the track. The video follows a young couple on the run, portrayed by Bradley Soileau (seen in Lana Del Rey’s videos) and Philippa Price. The short film tells the story of escapeism, as the two young lovers act like there's no tomorrow. They know the outcome won't be in their favor, but they still carry on with no abandon. 

Escape is Zimmer’s first music video. He remarks, “My music is pretty cinematic, and I wanted the video to look like a short film. California is my second home, that’s why we shot it there. I feel like anyone can connect to this couple’s quest of freedom. Living the moment and not thinking about what’s next, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Go ahead and have a look below. 



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