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Psalm One's "Taming the Goddess" is absolute perfection [Premiere]


photo__11-1024x681Psalm One is getting us ready for the weekend and simultaneously making us wish we could have her lyrical prowess in her newest track "Taming the Goddess." The artist knows how to make a statement, and with a newfound decision to lead a polyamorous lifestyle, "Taming the Goddess" is as threatening to societies notions as it is a killer party track. 

The track finds Psalm One threatening to steal a man’s girl, and in any regular song those threats seem empty and hollow, but in this song, she's menacing and full force, the idea could easily ring true if the situation allowed. She's a powerful, dominant woman, and we're definitely going to stay on her good side after this one. 



Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap


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