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Answer Code Request keeps crafting his own brand of techno on 'MDR18'

Patrick Gräser is Answer Code Request and now presents his newest release through Marcel Dettmann Records with a solid 4 track EP, MDR18. The Berlin resident has grown from his early catalog of works, and now provides us with a better look at Answer Code Request production and style with this record. Gräser drops a substantial set of tracks that range from easy going techno trips to bleak patterns of hypnotic beats. As a producer, Gräser maintains his steady approach to develop his sound, using this record to push any boundaries he has yet to reach.

"Calm Down" kicks off the record developing Answer Code Request recognizable style and sound, consisting of techno driven beats that multiply within each beat to produce a pulse of effects in a flowing motion. 'Dust 0.2' guides you into a space of rhythmic sounds that create soothing atmospheres, without over-saturating 

The B-side keeps up with  'Modal' which flows in strong with acid house inspired tempos. 'Feel (Rework)' combines all the right patterns into a downbeat spiral of bass induced tempos that are satisfying in all the right ways, ending strong with a track that explores his overall growth as a producer and DJ aiming to further his sound.

MDR18 is now available for purchase via vinyl and digital formats. 


MDR 018

Electronic · Techno


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