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Night Rumours 24

Find them at basement nights and warehouse one-offs reaching from New York to Montreal and overseas Berlin, a collective of connoisseuring clubbers. The recent flood of clichéd counterfeits has left much of today's dance music better left unheard, but it’s the rumours stuck in our head that tug at our ego and give us the need to shine light. A compulsive urge to spread from one ear to the next, to draw a line between bottle service cogs and the cutting edge of electronic music, music built to live in. There’s no room for Vegas roller coasters or casual chit chat, just Night Rumours worth spreading.

This week's edition of Night Rumours goes deep into the dark, inspired by a New York City Halloween across fogged-out, dusty basements. Privacy delivers driving electro with more than a hint of atmosphere via Lobster Theremin. Berlin techno queen Paula Temple brings her signature heavy, harsh touch to Prodigy's "Roadblox". Hotflush regular Paul Woolford's new Special Request EPs are worth checking out in their entirety, but I've highlighted "Elegy" for its addictive baseline and on-point nostalgic vocal sample. Wheezie's "Touchy" is about 30 BPM faster than the usual suspects for this column, but just as appropriate for the best underground dance moments.

Night Rumours:

Privacy - "Constant Transient"
Human Resource Exploitation Manual, Lobster Theremin [LTBLK006], September 16, 2015 [Buy via Bandcamp]

Phil Kieran - "Missp" (Tom Demac Remix)
PKRMXD, Cocoon Recordings [COR12132], November 9, 2015

Shall Ocin - "The Cliff"
The Cliff/The Mist, Hotflush Recordings [HFT044], October 16, 2015 [Buy via Beatport]

Dark Sky - "Voyages" (Redshape Remix)
Voyages Remix EP, Monkeytown [MTR055], July 17, 2015 [Buy via Monkeytown]

Jon Convex & DeFeKT - "Sudden Visitor"
Negative Action EP, Convex Industries [CONVEX011], September 7, 2015 [Buy via Bandcamp]

Prodigy - "Roadblox" (Paula Temple Remix)
Roadblox - Paula Temple Remixes, R&S Records [RS1516D], October 23, 2015 [Buy via Beatport]

Wheez-ie - "Touchy"
Missed Connections EP, Southern Belle Recordings [SBELLE002], November 13, 2015

Random Factor - "Broken Mirror" (Legowelt Remix)
Broken Mirror (Legowelt Remixes), 20/20 Vision [VIS277B], September 14, 2015 [Buy via Beatport]

TWR72 - "Olfactorious"
Trigeminus EP, Planet Rhythm [PRRUKLTDTWR], October 19, 2015 [Buy via Beatport]

Special Request - "Elegy"
Modern Warfare EPs 1-3, XL Recordings [XLDA733], October 30, 2015 [Buy via Beatport]

A Light in the Dark:


Treat your next case of Monday Brain with this spacey, textural house tune from Roman Flügel's double vinyl release on Hypercolour.

Roman Flügel - "Teenage Engineering"
Monday Brain EP, Hypercolour [HYPE048], October 23, 2015 [Buy via Bandcamp]

Featured Mix:


While this mix doesn't lie within the same dark realm as most of the tracks on this list, I've kept returning to Max McFerren's Boiler Room mix over the last couple weeks for its mellowed-out optimism and on-point vocal samples.

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