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El Nova captures the essence of love in "Die For You" [Premiere]

Elnova (instagram photo)

Julie Adenuga, most notably known these days for her Beats 1 radio show, has been showing the world what the UK's underground has to offer and killing it on the airwaves. She's also been working hard to release the first official PlayIt compilation series on November 13th, and today we've got a cool little treat for you guys that we think you'll love. 

The soulful UK songstress El Nova's "Die For You" perfectly encapsulates the sentiments of a person in love, capturing the depths that this emotion can take a person; she's not afraid to shy away from the faults and vulnerability we display during these moments either, and that's what makes "Die For You" so particularly interesting. It's a haunting track that is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and we can't get enough of the style and sound of the piece. 

This is what El Nova herself had to say on the track-- 

"Die For You, I guess is my idea of what falling in love is. You have the light delicate production and music to lyrics that i can only describe as the happy emotions and feelings that come with loving someone. On the other hand it shows, for me, to be in love with someone also has that dark side, what love can drive you too, to be "dragged through the dirt with you, even die for you".

This one is perfect for all of the late night feels. Check it out below. 


Premiere · R&B · Soul


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