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Khary switches it up in "Ambidextrous" [Video]

Khary, the New York via Rhode Island rapper, was looking to make some major changes in his career; so, he dropped his last name, twisted his hair, and got with a sick tight clique of friends. While not necessarily the most drastic of transitions, it still demonstrates his ability to adapt to the times and to go with the flow of his musical maturation. Luckily, Khary's slight metamorphosis did not take away his bar happy style and his obscure sense of humor.

"Ambidextrous" demonstrates both of these qualities in spades. Khary lyrically eviscerates the Tedd Boyd jazz influenced production, crushing the sample under the ever increasing force of his punchlines. It is an energetic track that has so many references to various pop cultural outlets that will require multiple replays to catch. 

"Ambidextrous'" accompanying video places viewers in Khary's here and now. The aforementioned crew are present and he proudly displays his twisted hair. It is a fun video that is as light hearted as the track itself. The kid doing kicks in the park definitely steals the show, his gymnastics are on a whole different level. Khary's verse at the end is an added bonus; you can hear that he is primed and ready to take over the scene. His hunger is palpable.

Khary has a long way to go, but he is moving in the right direction. "Ambidextrous" is one of the first records we have from his forthcoming project, intern aquarium, which already promises to be one not to miss. Check out the video above. 

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