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The Ubiquitous Love Tribe deliver nothing but good vibes with the "Yung Change" EP

The Ubiquitous Love Tribe is an eclectic art collective based out of Los Angeles, California that have been crafting a spiritually aware, free-form type of hip-hop that has been captivating SoCal crowds since 2013. Currently boasting 25 members, the rag-tag crew has recently released a short batch of new material in the form of the Yung Change EP.

The 4-track project serves as a perfect introduction into the abstract world of ULT, filled with clever enigmatic rhymes, serene vocal talents,  and smooth instrumentation courtesy of producers NRG, TheLightningRodSalesman, & Chris Winston. Check out the project below and make sure to check out ULT's Soundcloud for more goodies from the rest of the group.

Hip-Hop · Soul-Hop


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