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BETABLOCK3R don't want us to feel "Out Of Touch" with their latest release

Indie electronic and nu disco producer duo BETABLOCK3R have unveiled their latest single "Out Of Touch". It seems like these LA-Based guys are more in touch with their sound than out of it, see what we did there? With solid remixes under their belt like Ellie Goulding to RAC and a pretty solid licensing deal for their Sir Sly's "Gold", the pair seem to be ending the year on a proper note. "Out Of Touch" sees the guys take a step in the direction of more original music.

The guys remark, "We had initially written the instrumental for this song, and set it aside for some time. Upon listening back a couple months later, this theme emerged that really gave us a sense of direction for what the song should be about. The song was really inspired by this idea of what we think is happiness but is in fact unhealthy attachment. We find these attachments most often between individuals in a relationship but it could be any sort of addiction really. It's taking you down a path you don't want to go, but you feel committed to it. People assume their only path to happiness comes from external factors, we expect other people to fulfill us in some way which always leads to some sort of disappointment. We wanted to speak from the viewpoint of someone caught in that moment between understanding they're on the wrong path but not fully able to let go just yet, which is something we can all relate to at some point." Go ahead and enjoy it!


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